Vitello tonato - a classic Piedmontese dish
dated back to the Middle Ages.
Whole roasted suckled pig in tandoor
that absolutely melts in your mouth.
Traditional Italian dish -
Seafood Marinara Pasta.
Tender and delicately flavored veal
with the sweet and sour blackberry finish.
Never judge the cuisine by the description of its dishes.
But we just need to mention some of them here.

Welcome to «La Sarkis»!

It is difficult to imagine a gastronomic map of Chisinau without the “La Sarkis” restaurant. Thanks to a man who opened in the long-gone nineties an inconspicuous shashlik (shish kebab) house in the capital. For many years they cooked the best meat in the city there, and after a while the chargrill moved to historical center, having turned into one of the most prestigious restaurants. The man’s name was Sarkis, and this name has been proudly adorned on the signboard for twelve years, becoming not only a synonym for impeccable quality, but also setting a quite high standard the entire restaurant business.

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