Unique clay oven from Central Asia

Tandoor is the generous gift of Ancient Orient to genuine connoisseurs of tasteful and useful food!

The main secret of tandoor is that food is not baked on an open fire, but on basis of powerful uniform heat generation of walls of the oven that contributes to conservation of beneficial microrganisms. And food remains juicy with minimal loss of its volume and weight.

Meal cooked in tandoor is a delicacy for gourmets. Really unforgettable taste. Tandoor barbecue is the greatest of all meals! To describe in words taste of incredibly sophisticated, melting in mouth aroma of meat dish in tandoor it is similar to describing in words of violin sounds…

Tandoor is not provided only for barbecue, one could easily bake in it fish, poultry, fowl, leg of mutton, rabbit, vegetables, mushrooms and even bread. This oven can easily bake goose, baking ham or shank does not present any difficulties at all. Everything is cooked fast and at high temperatures, so that any kind of meal is very juicy. Dishes cooked in the tandoor have an yummy aspect emanating aroma and do not contain any frying oil, dangerous for health.

Wind, rain or frost are not an obstacle for cooking in tandoor, as fire kindles inside the oven, bringing warm to its walls. There is no need to stay close to tandoor, check fire like on chargrill, turn food or twist skewers, because tandoor skewer is fixed in vertical position, and barbecue is due to be baked in 8-12 minutes.

Today you could have tandoor in your home. Veritable, high quality and on reasonable price.

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