It is difficult to imagine a gastronomic map of Chisinau without the “La Sarkis” restaurant. Thanks to a man who opened in the long-gone nineties an inconspicuous shashlik (shish kebab) house in the capital. For many years they cooked the best meat in the city there, and after a while the chargrill moved to historical center, having turned into one of the most prestigious restaurants. The man’s name was Sarkis, and this name has been proudly adorned on the signboard for twelve years, becoming not only a synonym for impeccable quality, but also setting a quite high standard the entire restaurant business.

Today, “La Sarkis” is a large two-stored restaurant with a winter terrace which may be turned into a summer terrace during the warm season. Few food outlets can boast of such a shelter: a closed terrace is decorated with a custom-made glass fireplace and a winter garden that only enhances the fabulousness of what is happening. Here you can endlessly enjoy the warmth and comfort, listening to the crackling of firewood, having wrapped in a soft blanket, chatting over a cup of coffee or watching silently at wicked weather through the stained-glass windows. Optionally, the fireplace may be removed and the lounge easily turns into a banquet room.

Banquet Hall
The first floor of the restaurant may comfortably welcome 60 persons; the second floor hall is divided into six compartments designed for 10-12 persons each. Summer terrace is ready to receive about 150 visitors, in winter - 45. It sounds mystic, but homeliness and the sense of space were preserved both at the same time.
VIP Rooms
If privacy is required, there are two VIP rooms on the main floor: one is ideal for meetings and business talks, the second one, with a less formal atmosphere, is great for family celebrations and amicable parties. Each of these VIP rooms may comfortably accommodate 10 persons. By the way, at “La Sarkis” you may celebrate any event, completely redesigning the room in accordance with your fantasies. Read More


At the same time, the atmosphere of the restaurant is quite simple. You will not see Armenian carpets or hear oriental tunes - coziness here is created in a completely different way. Warm colors, natural materials, stained-glass windows, an old wooden staircase, comfortable furniture, soft sofas, potted flowers, minor accents, background music and unobtrusive video on the screen are what you need for a minute’s rest in the midst of eternal urban chaos. Be sure to pay attention to dishes and cutlery - these are separate points of pride. It looks quite ordinary, all pottery is made on request by hand in England so, you won’t find two identical plates! It does not break and is madly pleasant to touch and its exclusivity only emphasizes the uniqueness of “La Sarkis”. Cutlery here seems to be endowed with special magic too- this is antique bronze.
    Looking at the details, you can not pass the waiter call-buttons made on request, and leather-lined napkin holders made by crafty hands of a local master. An original design of the menu also attracts attention; everything is simple and clear, but cute illustrations show that this small detail got a touch. There are empty pages here - especially for those who want to write a comment on a dish, leave a recipe or suggest adding something new to the menu. You will be surprised, but even the WC of the restaurant has become famous: you won’t pass it but stop for a selfie.
Location also plays an unimportant role. Famous city lake, shady alleys, the legendary rotunda and a dinner in the atmosphere of complete tranquility - here you have a proven recipe for an unforgettable walk through Chisinau. Being practically in a park zone, “La Sarkis” could not help becoming its continuation: it is fresh and free here; a lot of greenery and trees perfectly cover the terrace from the summer heat. The restaurant has its own gardener caring for the plants, who constantly changes them, decorating the outlet and adding life to it. Each flower-pot is well fit into interior and the children's playground is surrounded by a fence of cedars. In summer, flowers are planted all over the place and visitors are pleasantly cooled by the smallest drops of water specially sprinkled above the terrace.
A special pride of the restaurant is the only true tandoor in the city, built according to all Armenian traditions. It attracts residents and guests of the capital who dream of getting acquainted with the unique cuisine, feel an amazing atmosphere. It is this huge oven, warming up for three hours, that allows to cook the most delicious dishes thanks to the thick brick walls preserving the juiciness of meat and allowing to bake bread with crispy crust. In addition, here and only here they may bake a whole carcass of a lamb or a pig and, believe me, the meat will just melt in your mouth. By the way, the process of cooking can be observed from any point - the tandoor located right in the center of the summer terrace is complemented by an opened kitchen.
As you already understood, meat is a visiting card of “La Sarkis”. Rabbits, turkeys, quails are cooked here on coals and on a grill, as well in a frying pan and in tandoor. The recipe for the marinade is simple but is kept in strict confidence: according to the chef who has been managing the kitchen for six years now everything that meat needs is salt, pepper and soul. He carefully selects each lamb before sending it to the roasting jack. Sure, besides meat you may order fish dishes, vegetables, desserts, traditional Caucasian pastry and have a glass of wine. But shashlik (shish-kebab) in “La Sarkis” is really worth a try at least once - here it's really chic.
Despite Armenian origins the menu in “La Sarkis” is very diverse: here they cook “Mamaliga” (Moldovan polenta) with “Zama” (Moldovan chicken soup), popular dishes of European cuisine, and recognized masterpieces of world cuisine and even semolina porridge. And there is no way you could do without a magnificent khachapuri! The menu is constantly updated with seasonal dishes and other specialties, but its core has been constant for many years - only the most beloved and well-proven items. From a simple garnish to any whim upon a preliminary order - here all dreams come true not just “a la carte”. The loyal client may enjoy any dish from the products available in the kitchen, and a new menu is composed every single time for children' parties. Everything here is done for the sake of your pleasure.
It is hardly possible to evaluate a cuisine by describing the dishes and ingredients, especially the kitchen of “La Sarkis”; you should definitely come here to eat and sniff, and touch. But certain things should be unveiled right here and right now. For example, the famous Kufta, which in “La Sarkis” is prepared according to an old, kept secret, recipe, airy tiramisu which recipe was brought from far Sicily. How to convey the taste of crème brulee in words, after all, even scrupulous Frenchmen consider it the best in the city? Or, is it worth trying to describe the cheesecake, which is carefully baked in a way to enrich the cheese even more with flavor? And do not forget about oriental sweets, ayran and divine adjika sauce, which spices are delivered from the heart of Armenia. “La Sarkis” as a brand is not just about ideal meat; it is also the best service in the city. A friendly team that has worked together for many years, waiters who can unravel your preferences from the threshold, sincere smiles, neatness and a special approach to each guest are something that “La Sarkis” will never cease to attach and be proud.
We Also Offer
Nonstop Delivery
Food delivery in Chisinau is rather widespread service and our restaurant is not an exception. We will be happy to deliver the masterpieces of our cuisine directly to the home of any hungry customer. We are very pleased when guests of our restaurant do not forget the delicious taste of our dishes even at home. Meals delivery is provided nonstop by our messengers, so that customers do not need to choose appropriate time for order – you can take a meal at any time of the day.
To indulge everyone who wants to get acquainted with “La Sarkis”, a special service was invented: "restaurant on the road". Not only any selected dishes will be delivered to you but also cooks, waiters, furniture, dishes, mini tandoor and even the chef himself, with whom you may cool together. Just imagine: on your birthday you are completely relaxed, do not bother yourself with anything and even do not leave your house, and the guests are really amazed.