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Sherry is a unique and exquisite drink produced only in southern Spain. However, few people know that there are other regions where this drink is produced, and Moldova is one of them. Moldavian sherry is a real rarity, with an amazing and extraordinary history, available only to true connoisseurs.
Spanish heritage
The history of sherry can be traced back to Spain, where it was created in the 14th century and became part of the local culture and traditions. This sweet wine is made by blending several types of grapes and aging them in oak barrels, giving it a distinctive flavour and aroma. The distinctive feature of sherry production is "sherrying", a special way of ageing (aging) the wine.
A crime page in the wine industry
How sherry came to Moldova is another amazing and exceptional story. Sherry is, you could say, a "criminal page" in Moldovan winemaking, and why - we will tell you.

Back in the Soviet times, in the Republic of Moldova, there was a question that sherry should be available not only in Spain, as it is not just a wine, but a healing drink with medicinal properties. However, the process of its production was under a great veil of secrecy. The Moldovan delegation set off, as Moldova was chosen as the last and most accessible point to get the "live product" for sherry, which had to be transported and prepared quickly.

There are legends about how this "flora" got to our country, but one thing we know for sure - it was done illegally and by quite cunning means. Thus, sherry acquired another history and began to be produced not only in Spain, but also in Moldova.

Attractive information
Our sherry was always present in Elizabeth II's collection, it is even said to have been her favourite type of wine.
But how did this collection come to La Sarkis?
It is an incredible story that has given it a new life. A few years ago, a distinguished gentleman visited our restaurant, and that first visit was the beginning of an amazing saga. He showed a deep interest in the restaurant and its details and, without hiding his fascination, expressed his desire to meet the owner. At this meeting he told us about his unique collection of Jaloven sherries. It is impossible not to mention that his story did not leave us indifferent. Soon our second meeting took place, but already at his home, where the whole collection of inexpressible depth of wines was presented to the management of La Sarkis. Over glasses of collector's sherry, the truth was born - if these wines are ever sold, they will be available exclusively at La Sarkis.
The owner of La Sarkis restaurant
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